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Woodland Trust workplace
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“If you are looking for an intranet that’s simple for your employees to use and doesn’t require hours of administration from your IT technical team, this is the product for you.”

Ian Teague of Woodland Trust

One Workplace workplace
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“The Jostle platform’s simplicity enables natural communication allowing us to inspire people and transform organizations.”

Le Lu of One Workplace

Heyday workplace
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“I love how simple your platform is. Obviously there’s tons of complexity underneath it, but you boil down just the menu bar to be very clear about what it is.”

Michael Pollak of Heyday

Ashtons Legal workplace
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“A paradigm shift of what an intranet can accomplish.”

Krishan Gohel of Ashtons Legal

Harris + Hoole workplace
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“Jostle’s approach is truly next-generation, delivering work relevance and meaningful engagement with simplicity and elegance.”

Danielle Anderson of Harris + Hoole Co

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